The Heart Vol. 5
Tokyo Dawn Records

TDR write, “Keeping you in mind, and forever close to ‘The Heart’, TDR conveys conviction without music restrictions, as we bestow quality in quarantine with our most sought after compilation series.

TDR’s international grooves stir from San Francisco to New York, Brisbane, Lagos, Munich, Kingston, London and much further on. Encapsulating captivating classics, alongside pulsating previews of forthcoming TDR albums, with special guest artists including Baatin from Slum Village, Liv Warfield from Prince’s New Power Generation, Amy Winehouse’s Back2Black band Personal Life and more.

Embracing the remedies and melodies needed, more so in a time of social distancing, to resonate, relate, help, heal, reveal and feel this now new way, as we warmly live, give and of course love, all from … ‘The Heart’.”

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