Destined: The Realization
SkyBlew x SublimeCloud

SkyBlew & SublimeCloud [The Destined] stars in, Destined: The Realization! 💎👣🌌 This project is the result of SkyBlew & SublimeCloud finally coming to the realization of who they are, embracing their uniqueness, and accepting their destiny! This fun, adventurous album is the first of its kind, a MUSICAL MANGA! 😃 Each song is a new episode, and you can play the album front to back or back to front. Expect to hear voice actors as well!! 😉 “Alot has happened in 2020 so far… But hopefully this album will uplift, inspire & motivate 🤙🏾 We aim to create music that will provide the world with hope, for a better tomorrow. We shall overcome with UNITY, PEACE & LOVE ✌🏾💙” Prepare To Embark On A New Adventure!!! 🚶🏾🌄🌃

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