3 Points of Contact
Golden Sound

Golden Sound delivers the much anticipated new album 3 Points of Contact.

Alongside the sexy vintage funk that Golden Sound is known for, the new album introduces a modern 80’s edge. The first single and film clip The Search epitomises this new direction, exploring a cosmic synth-rock influence.

Multi-instrumentalist Peter G delivers a diverse album of material, with swirling synths, driving beats and layers of vintage instrumentation.

The new songs feature guest vocal appearances from the super talented Laneous, who appears on several tracks, alongside Hayden Andrews from Cheap Fakes and Louise O’Reilly from Laneway fame.

The new album was recorded over several years in Peter G’s vintage studio and at the Tanuki Lounge. Both studios offered the ideal space to capture a 70’s inspired sound, reminiscent of the golden age of music.

Paulie B (George/Beautiful Girls) mixed the new album at Ya Ma Nui studios, and the result is a cosmic journey into a world of space funk and synthesised sonic goodness.

The new music sees a shift from previous releases Give Me Sight Give Me Sound and Bathing in Goodness, to include a more diverse palette of musical influences. The album explores different sonic soundscapes that blend modern beat production with traditional instruments and sounds.

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