٣ (Trois)
Acid Arab

Franco-Algerian collective Acid Arab are releasing their third album:
٣ (Trois).

The ten tracks on this eagerly-awaited record are serious dancefloor bangers, and will also be providing delightful private listening experiences, thanks to their sophisticated production and to the intriguing, diverse performances by eight guest vocalists from
North Africa, Syria & Turkey: Wael Alkak, Cem Yldiz, Ghizlane Melih,
Khnafer Lazhar, Sofiane Saidi, Fella Soltana, Cheb Halim & Rachid

Algerian gasba, Anatolian trance, synthetic dabkeh, bionic raï… Acid Arab have incorporated and invented a spectrum of styles, breaking boundaries between genres. After spending close to ten years exploring diverse types of music through their numerous collaborations and their constant travels all around the Mediterranean and beyond, Acid Arab keep pushing the envelope and expanding their musical territories.

“We’re careful not to repeat a identical formula from album to album” says the band. “It’s the actual working relationship with the guest artists which drives us to expand the concept.”

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